using green screen

Black box

Open the Black Box and release the space of modern wonders…

definition: space (verb) - become dazed

There’s no end to what can be achieved in the overlap of emptiness and modern technology. Simple, bold, conceptual. Music, theatre, TV. We’re stood on the edge of a whole new universe of space. Come in to Heslington Studios and take a tour round your imagination. You’ll feel inspired.

  • large soundproof space
  • can be used for theatre and performance or as a shooting stage
  • double height with full gantry walkway at first floor level with large scenery dock doors for easy access
  • sophisticated overhead lighting rig with disabled access gantry
  • pull-out bleacher seating for up to 140 people
  • can be configured for straight-on or theatre-in-the-round performances

With the seating rolled away the full space is 18m by 15m (floor area of 268sqm). It can accommodate a blue or green screen 3 wall cyc.  

A mind-bendingly flexible space for making magic.